David De Gea – our Spaniard magnifico keeper. At least, that’s what we once called him. For the previous 18 months or so, magnificent is not a word we use to describe DDG’s current form.

His confidence is down. Still capable of making impressive saves but far too often lately the Spaniard is lacking consistency. How does this get fixed? Can it be fixed? Should the manager stick by him? 100% Ole should stick with him.

You get the impression that DDG is too comfortable. It’s like he knows he’s not going to be dropped. Maybe he needs to feel pressure.

This article, by no means, is bashing DDG. There is no way on earth I want to see him leave Old Trafford. I do, however, want to see his old-self back on that pitch.

For years he has without a doubt been our best player and if DDG wasn’t in our team the following 7 years, I don’t want to envision where United would have finished in seasons past.

It’s ironic we now have a much better backline and DDG’s form is in question.

Already missing the PL, can’t wait for it to be back and hope to God DDG’s form will return with the season.