Every United fan knows by now of the video that was leaked of United CEO Richard Arnold. Although it was quite ‘sneaky’ of the United fan, the attitude and willingness of Arnold to talk to the fans in my eyes was a very positive step. For too long there is a huge communication gap at the club from the heirarchy down to the fans.

Arnold got wind of a planned protest outside his home, which is wrong. Therefore, he went down to the local pub in Chesire where the group of fans was drinking. Fans absolutely can and should protest but NOT outside his home. The best place is Old Trafford and even Carrington but, that disrupts the player’s training.

The video was very interesting but I think it was a very positive step. Arnold went alone, with no security or bodyguards, and opened up his thoughts. Arnold said probably a lot more than what he ”should have”, in terms of being open about the running of the club against his employers. Arnold didn’t give too much away but the fact that he spent time talking to fans; that’s something his predecessor NEVER did. Arnold showed he is committed and wants to be successful in his impact at the club.

There are a lot of problems at United and it is going to take time to fix a lot of things. What I saw and got from the video, was a willingness. Arnold didn’t hide like Woodward did. That is something as fans, we must respect. Arnold has a very stressful high-end job and I’m sure most of us don’t understand anything what it’s like to be in his position – in a role where he is trying to keep fans happy and management happy and we all know that is a pretty impossible task when the Glazer’s are in control.

All we can do is be optimistic and hopefully this is a step in the right direction.